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People enjoying one of the many amazing stories from Hakai Magazine’s first six months, probably. Hero Images/Corbis

Dear Hakai Magazine Reader, Who Are You?

Tell us about yourself and what you think about the magazine.

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by Colin Schultz

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If you haven’t heard, it’s Hakai Magazine’s half birthday. Just six months ago, we flicked the switch to send our first round of stories, videos, and photo essays out into the wild. And you better believe we’re celebrating.

Since we launched, we’ve been hard at work telling stories from all over the world—stories about fish and fishers (fishermen?), ancient cultures, new technologies, and life on the seashore. We’re proud of what we’ve done in such a short amount of time, and we’ve been happy to see you reaching out in the comments section, on Facebook, and through Twitter to let us know what you think.

Yet, as we grow, we’re constantly looking to adapt and try new things. We have a goal and a vision for Hakai Magazine, but we also want to know what you, our readers, want.

So, in that great Internet tradition, we ask: dear readers, who are you? Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those market research surveys, and we’re not doing any fancy analytics. We just want to know what you think! So let us know in the comments:

Who are you? What do you do? What’s your background? Are you a scientist? An angler? What is your interest in a magazine about coastal science and societies?

Why do you read Hakai Magazine? What do you get here that you don’t get elsewhere? What kinds of information or stories are you looking for?

How did you hear about us? We’re still pretty new, and we’re trying to spread the word.

What do you like about Hakai Magazine? What don’t you like? Be blunt!

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