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Hakai Magazine Reprint Guidelines

  • Only original Hakai Magazine stories are available for republication.
  • Typically, we can only grant reprints for stories published in the past six months.
  • Please always inquire if a story is available for republication, even if your outlet has previously reprinted other Hakai Magazine stories, in case of special circumstances around the rights we have.

Credit and Tracking

  • At the top of the story, please include this preamble, or something similar, with a link back to the original story on our site. “This article is from Hakai Magazine, an online publication about science and society in coastal ecosystems.”
  • At the bottom, include this text or similar, with a link to our homepage. “This article first appeared in Hakai Magazine and is republished here with permission. Read more stories like this at hakaimagazine.com.”
  • Add this UTM code — ?utm_campaign=reprint&utm_source=NAME — to the end of the URLs. (For example,​ https://hakaimagazine.com/?utm_campaign=reprint&utm_source=SuperCoolMag.) Please refer to your outlet by the same name with each republication.
  • Once the story is live, we would appreciate a quick email with a link to the story.

Image Use

  • Only some images are available for republication. When we confirm you are able to reprint a story, we will send you a Word file with the story text and a link to a Dropbox with all available imagery.


  • Please retain all hyperlinks from the original story.
  • You may choose your own hed and dek for the story, provided they are not misleading or sensational.
  • You may edit our stories only in accordance with your house style—for example,​ changing harbor ​to​ harbour.

Social Media

Reprint queries should be directed to your contact. If you don’t have one, contact Dave Garrison, Publisher (dave.garrison@hakaimagazine.com).