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The Ocean and the Anthropause

A Hakai Magazine Podcast

Hosted by Elin Kelsey
Produced by Elin Kelsey, Katrina Pyne, and Amorina Kingdon

Congratulations to the whole team on winning a Canadian Online Publishing Award for this podcast.

At the edge of the ocean, all of our senses are engaged—the breeze on our skin, the scent of rotting seaweed, the sparkle of light on the waves. But dive in and things change. In shallow coastal waters, water is often murky, even opaque. And the deeper you dive, the darker it becomes. It’s probably no surprise then, that for ocean animals, hearing is paramount. And it’s not just so for singing humpback whales. Lobsters, octopuses, fishes, and more all use sound to communicate and navigate, to find each other, or to swim the other way.

Hakai Magazine invites you to join us and listen in under the waves. Discover some of the extraordinary soundscapes scientists are recording, the surprising ways that animals talk and listen, and how the unexpected patches of quiet triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic are driving a new commitment to hushing anthropogenic ocean noise.

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Episode 0

The Sound Aquatic - Trailer

A preview of our new podcast: The Sound Aquatic

May 3, 2021

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Episode 1

Can You Hear Me Now?

Eavesdropping on marine motormouths during the world’s most expensive experiment.

May 25, 2021

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Episode 2

How Not to Get Lost in the Ocean

Marine animals that navigate through whispers, songs, grunts, or clicks.

May 31, 2021

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Episode 3

Plenty of Fish

Swiping right in the deep blue sea.

June 7, 2021

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Episode 4

Episode 4: Learning to Speak Whale

Whale clans teach and transmit culture using their own unique dialects.

June 14, 2021

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Episode 5

Episode 5: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The anthropause has shown us that we’re too noisy for the ocean’s animals.

June 21, 2021

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