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Photo by Grant Callegari

A Humpback’s Life After Life

When a young whale washes up on a beach near British Columbia’s Hakai Institute, an expert team works to piece together his story—and his bones.

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by the Hakai Institute

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On a sunny May morning in 2019, an early morning walker discovered a humpback whale on a quiet beach near the Hakai Institute on Calvert Island in British Columbia. The find set into motion a whole new afterlife for the whale.

In six short videos, become immersed in the world of humpbacks as Hakai Institute scientists answer some basic questions: Where did this whale come from? How did he die? Can he teach us more about one of the most common whales in BC waters? A series that took three and a half years to complete, Whale Bones features the dozens of people who untangled the threads of a mystery, piecing together the whale’s story and his bones.

Produced and edited by Meigan Henry
Videography by Kristina Blanchflower, Grant Callegari, and Bennett Whitnell
Illustrations and maps by Mercedes Minck
Title graphic by Josh Silberg