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The Fishermen of Lesbos

Those most familiar with the waters off Lesbos, Greece, are putting aside their fishing nets to help refugees.

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by Nikolia Apostolou

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Congratulations to Nikolia Apostolou on winning the gold award for Best Video Content from the 2017 Canadian Online Publishing Awards for this video.

The Greek island of Lesbos is at the forefront of the refugee crisis as boatload after boatload of men, women, and children fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere arrive on its shores. While citizen volunteers, NGOs, and governments claim much of the spotlight for rescue and recovery efforts, local people—especially those most experienced on the water—play a vital role, even at risk to their livelihoods and, perhaps, personal health. Greek video journalist Nikolia Apostolou introduces us to Lesbos fishermen on the front lines.

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