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The babies of a marine bristle worm begin to hatch and swarm around their mother. Photo by Alana Closs/Hakai Institute

The Big Lives of Tiny Creatures

Shrink down as we enter the ocean microworld and discover the strange, the beautiful, the indispensable—plankton.

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by the Hakai Institute

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They are some of the most bizarre and otherworldly animals on Earth, some of the most abundant life in the oceans, and some of the tiniest creatures with the biggest impact on our lives—plankton. Without them, the world as we know it would cease to exist.

Dive beneath the surface of the North Pacific Ocean through these Hakai Institute videos that capture the wonderful lives of the tiny, the miniature, the microworld. Meet all kinds of plankton, living epic lives just out of sight.


Produced by Josh Silberg and Meigan Henry
Edited by Bennett Whitnell and Kristina Blanchflower
Videography by Bennett Whitnell and Grant Callegari
Voice-over by Kristina Blanchflower
Microscopy/Scientific team: Alana Closs, Noriko Okamoto, Tyrel Froese, Faye Manning, and Kyle Hall

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