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Illustration by Mercedes Minck

The Ocean Is Big and Stuff Is Complicated. We’re Here to Help

Six short videos to educate, entertain, and make you insufferable at parties.

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by the Hakai Institute

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It’s the end of summer, we’re hot and tired, and the news seems overarchingly bad. If you need a reprieve and a reminder of all that’s fascinating in the world, especially in the ocean, check out these six short explainer videos from our colleagues at the Hakai Institute. The team uses their wit and animation chops to explain why the sea sparkles, how whales can withstand the pressure of deep dives, where you’ll find one of the largest migrations on Earth, and more.

Executive produced by Meigan Henry
Series produced by Kristina Blanchflower and Katrina Pyne
Illustrations by Mercedes Minck
Science consultation provided by Kelly Fretwell and Josh Silberg