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Masters of Camouflage

What superpower would you choose? If you said, “Invisibility cloak,” you’re not alone! The oceans are full of creatures that prefer to remain concealed, and they use all sorts of strategies to stay hidden.

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by the Hakai Institute

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Hakai Magazine will be shifting our resources and temporarily changing our publishing schedule due to the current pandemic. To help fill the gaps, we’ll keep you inspired with some nature-is-awesome content, much of which is produced by the stellar media team at the Hakai Institute. So many of us need a glimpse of the wild right now.

Produced by Grant Callegari, Katrina Pyne, and Josh Silberg
Edited by Grant Callegari
Videography by Grant Callegari and Tavish Campbell

Additional videography by Nelson Roberts and Tristan Blaine
Flatfish metamorphosis images by Dr. Alexander M. Schreiber
Decorator crab images by Jackie Hildering

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