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The Spawning Squid Samba

A frenzy of flashing tentacles tornadoes next to the Calvert Island dock as tens of thousands of squid put on a sensual performance. So dim the lights and join us for Squid Sex 101.

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by the Hakai Institute

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Hakai Magazine will be shifting our resources and temporarily changing our publishing schedule due to the current pandemic. To help fill the gaps, we’ll keep you inspired with some nature-is-awesome content, much of which is produced by the stellar media team at the Hakai Institute. So many of us need a glimpse of the wild right now.

Produced and edited by Katrina Pyne
Videography by Wayne Jacob
Additional videography by Grant Callegari, Tavish Campbell, Zach Monteith, Keith Holmes, and Derek Van Maanen

North America graphic by Mark Garrison
Squid mating graphic by Yoko Iwata
Squid anatomy graphic by Dave Carlson

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